Link Up! Secondary Half Way Sale! December 31st and January 1st


Whoa, It's a Half Way Sale! We Made it! Super Secondary Celebrates!

Whoa, It's a Half Way Sale! We Made it! Super Secondary Celebrates! 

We got together and collaborated for a TpT sale. Make your wish lists and empty your carts on December 31st and January 1st. Most stores are discounted up to 20% off. Enjoy!

Come On In! TpT Sitewide Sale | December 1st and 2nd | Promo Code: TPTCYBER


Go Away Stress! Giveaway | Winner Announced Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 6 PM EST

Are you stressed out? Do you find yourself starting the countdown until Friday as early as Sunday night? Do you have a calendar countdown until winter break? If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to enter our Go Away Stress! Giveaway.
Twenty different secondary TpT sellers have generously donated education materials that are ready to use and will help reduce your stress. Also as an added bonus we’re throwing in a $10 Starbucks gift card to help you keep going until it’s time for your next break.
 One lucky winner will win this prize that’s worth $150 total. Sit back, relax, sip your coffee and let TpT help relieve that stress. 
Featured Teachers 
Danielle Knight 
Tori Gorosave
Try to complete all the entries.You can earn up to 39 chances! Winner announced on Sunday, November 16th. Good Luck! 
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The Hunger Games Giveaway | Winner Announced Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 6 PM EST

Before the girl on fire makes her appearance in the next installment of The Hunger Games trilogy, we have a giveaway that’s on fire!
 If your students are anything like our students they love The Hunger Games trilogy and other dystopian novels. The movies have captured their attention, now it’s time for them to read the books behind the films. 
Thirteen educators have teamed together to offer this amazing giveaway worth over $150.  One lucky person will walk away with not only everything you will need to teach The Hunger Games, but also with two adult movie tickets to see the new film Mockingjay.
The Hunger Games featured teachers and their products
Laura Randazzo
Try to complete all the entries.You can earn up to 32 chances! Winner announced on Sunday, November 16th. Good Luck! 
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Trick O' Teach Giveaway!

Want to bring some SECONDARY SPOOKY SEASONAL CHEER to your classroom?

Danielle Knight (Study All Knight) and Room 213 have teamed up to bring you an exciting secondary giveaway just in time for the fall months.The winner will receive all of their common core, multiple intelligences, and bloom's taxonomy needs right here in this diverse prize pack! 

Secondary teachers really have a hard time fitting the holidays into their lessons and materials. We've created materials that can easily be implemented with very little prep. So be sure to enter today! Your students will think your class is SPOOK-TACULAR!
In the prize pack, you'll find Room 213's
Plus $20 Winner's Choice to Room 213's TpT Store

Try to complete all the entries.You can earn up to six chances! Winner announced on Sunday, October 5th. Good Luck!  
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What Does a Student Centered Classroom Look Like?

What does a student centered classroom look like?
They are loaded with independent learners, differentiation, and opportunities for success.

How can teachers plan student centered activities?
Don't be intimidated, it's easy. During unit planning, implement foldables, flip books, and interactive notebooks. Nobody is expecting a teacher to jump right in and go full force into interactive notebooks. You can slowly implement them into your lessons, a few here and a few there. Instead of a full notebook, you can use a "journal" style book.
For each flip book assigned to a unit I assign credit to coloring the tabs and the clip art, maps, and graphic organizers included in the flip book. You can give time in class to do this or assign it for homework.
I do a lot of unit planning involving center tasks, which ultimately culminate to a final problem based learning assessment (PBL). I watched my students struggle early on with a long task list for each unit. Within the task list there are required assessments and activities, then there are optional tasks, and finally, the PBL.
You can print in gray scale as well as in color. The color shown is so light that a gray scale copy will look slightly shaded. 
The struggle is with the organization and, "What do I do next?"
So instead of my struggling students going to our crate to get all their materials, I found a way to "house or package" the mandatory materials together. This is where the flip book comes in.  Considered a foldable by some and definitely not the same as interactive notebooking, It is an interactive tool. My students last spring said to me, "Can we just do flip books?"  I was so pleased to hear this and I interpreted this as my students were getting some relief and becoming less overwhelmed.

I have students that get so good at assembling flip books, that they serve as my "flight stewards," they go around and assist other students in need of help. By the second unit of using flip books, I am swarmed with kids asking if they can help others. What a great way to have peer experts! 

Student centered secondary classrooms are a way of the 21st century, but so are distractions with tween/teen drama, lack of motivation, and technology, if not managed. The flip book keeps interest and ownership for learning.

What if I want to make my own?
You can use a blank flip book template. What is the problem with this?  You are back to, "What do I do next?" Using a pre-filled flip book with helpful concepts, activities, maps, and vocabulary drives your students to success. You can walk away from them and see their independence flourish. 
Wonder, Novel Flip Book
You can use flip books for concepts that are used over and over throughout the school year.  For example, a writing strategy like RACE or the steps of a writing process (argumentative, expository, persuasive). I print the flip books out hang them in my room on a hook.  Finally, they are prefect for mini lessons and in-class writing assignments.
Shown here is a novel flip book for, The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemingway.
All the inside pages of a novel flip book are filled with assessment activities.
What do parents think about flip books and foldables?
Don't forget the parents! The flip book for concepts are a great learning tool for parents, too. Foldables and flip books would be especially helpful with math and science concepts.
You can share your flip book for a specific concept with families. During homework, the parent can refer to the flip book for assistance.
Introduce the flip book to your students with your next unit, they'll love it and so will you! Oh, and don't forget to grade it! I give you an "A."

For a really helpful FLIPtorial on how to assemble one of my flip books, click here. 

A few of us blog buddies got together for a blog hop to answer all your questions about interactive notebooking, flips, and foldables. So go around and and check out everyone's posts. Have a wonderful school year! 


FLIPtorial...How to Assemble a Flip Book: A Visual Guide

 Video from Danielle Knight How to Assemble a Flip Book and Teaching Strategies

If you have any questions about the content on this page please contact me at All content of the FLIPtorial is owned by Danielle Knight (Study All Knight)
Visit my TpT store for more! Shown here in the FLIPtorial is my Short Story Unit: Interactive Layered Flip Book.

The Giver Giveaway - Enter Now! Ends August 17th!

Even if you haven't read the book, you should still give the film a chance. And if you already read the book, then you know how good it is! There is so much anticipation around the film. Two spectacular actors, Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges have starring roles.
I've recently added The Giver: Interactive Layered Flip Book to my TpT store. Literature flip books are a wonderful alternative to organizing the required tasks within a student centered unit. I make the flip book mandatory before my students are allowed to explore their choice tasks to complete their novel study.

 I believe it is most commonly taught in grades 6-9. I plan on bringing this novel to my grade nine classes this upcoming school year. Now that you are here, go ahead and enter. The rafflecopter is set up for you to earn "points" or chances to win. Try to earn as many as you can. If there is not an AMC Movie Theater by your house, don't worry! I will provide you with tickets to another theater chain. Good Luck! 

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Blast off! To the Super Secondary Yearbook Past! – TpT Back to School Site Wide Sale

Up to 28% off the entire site –August 4th and 5th, 2014 – Promo Code at Check out- BTS14
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Happy Fourth of July! Facebook Firecracker All Day Freebies!

Happy Fourth of July!  Facebook Firecracker All Day Freebies! 
Today Only - Go to the Facebook page and grab the link to their All Day Freebie.
Help us celebrate! Don't forget to "like" and "follow" our TpT Teacher Friends:) 
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The Classroom Sparrow
Kate’s Classroom Café

Summer is Here! TpT Sale! Up to 20% Off. June 14th - 16th


Relieve Some of the Stress of Parent Communication: Reasons Why High School Teachers Need Twitter

Thanks for joining our end of the school year blog hop today. We had a great turn out of hoppers. The prize pack part of the hop is now closed. Stay tuned for blog excitement in mid July!  

Two years ago it was suggested. I've been fighting it ever since. Then I went to a professional workshop at Rider University where the focus was on technology for teachers. But this was different. The technology presented was to make our lives as teachers easier, better, and more efficient - rather than technology for our students to use.

In one hour, the presenter had me convinced, "I need Twitter. And I need it NOW!" Why you ask...? Here are my reasons why a high school teacher really should utilize this amazing tech tool. I believe Twitter will eliminate some of the chaos and stress of reminding and posting information for parents and students.
1. Your students and parents are already on Twitter. So, there's no additional class time to have anyone go through the sign up process. If there is someone who does not have it, a student peer expert can assist others in the sign up process. You can email your students' parents the Twitter handle. Ask your students to help their parents to sign up. Offer extra credit for doing so!
(Most likely your school district already has a twitter handle. So be sure to get their Twitter and technology policy.)

2. Students and parents can follow you on Twitter and you do not need to follow them back. EVER. Students will never have to be followed back in order to get your tweets. Other platforms such as Remind 101 require you to collect phone numbers that you enter into the app. With Twitter you eliminate that step. This is  very important to me. 

3. Allow your students one more way to access information. This can actually be tied in with the CCSS and the standards for College and Career Readiness. From my research and higher education professors and their assistants use Twitter. My previous thoughts on this was, "I am enabling my students by using Twitter. Why am I reminding them and providing them with another opportunity when they should be accountable in school?" -My new thoughts, "Twitter will create more accountability and give me peace of mind that my students and parents are given another way to access our class' information."

4. Students and parents love to be connected. You're not requesting students and parents to collaborate. You are requesting them to connect. 

5. How many connections should you make? I would say with every homework assignment and upcoming graded assessment a Tweeted message is necessary. Consistency is key. So if you are going to commit to using Twitter don't start and then stop. It will "bite" you. Your audience will look for your Tweets.

My Twitter handle is Study All Knight. Come September, follow me for my classroom updates. Tweet Tweet:)

Get Your Students to Complete Their Summer Reading

TpT Blog Post, " Avoid the Summer Slide: 21 Red-Hot Reading Resources..."

#21 Danielle Knight’s Summer Tutor Task Cards: Summer Reading, ELA Grades 7-12 (grades 7-12) and A FREEBIE! Summer Reading Bookmark: Guided Reading Journal Questions



Want to Instantly Create a Student Centered Classroom? 5 Tips to Using a Novel Flip Book

Study Guides. A necessity? Yes, they are. But, they are not an active guide to reading. 

Actually, a study guide is a very  passive guide to reading. Don't get me wrong, without a study guide you would go completely wrong. I am just saying there is something better.
So what can a secondary teacher do to create a more active student centered experience while reading literature? Today's inclusive classroom has students at all skill levels. Differentiation is the key to our instructional success. 

A flip book is a fresh approach to run-of-the-mill study guide. All the sections are visible, easily accessible, and engaging! Secondary students experience some frustration in a flipped classroom due to, "not knowing what to do next." With a flip book your students will own their learning experience and take pride in their outcome. 

When teachers take direct instruction out of the equation what do our students have left? Self direction. According to my esteemed media specialist at my school, "students cannot be self directed entirely unless the task is clearly defined." Any teacher can throw together task cards, foldables, and flip books and stack them on a student's desk. 

For the last two school years I have been involved in my school's initial team of teachers for a pilot program. In the training we focus on differentiation and flipping the secondary classroom. We create center and problem based tasks. 

What happens next? This is up to the facilitator. Modeling (not the fashion kind). The question is, "What should it look like?"
For Teachers:
1. Have the copy machine collate the flip book.
2. Print and assemble one to show them what it should look like.
3. Print the answer key and keep it on hand at all times. I also print one for my teacher cadet and instructional para(s). 
4. Go through the collated copies and "pre-staple" them. -This way your students will only have to cut along the guidelines an the next page of the flip book will be exposed.
6. Announce, "5 extra credit points if you come in tomorrow with your flip book tabs colored in..." -and then show them yours:)
5 Tips to using a novel flip book...

First---before you attempt anything--Do a flip book walk through. Go look! Flip! Explore!
1. Instruct your students to keep it out on the corner of their desk. You'll be in it everyday so keep it alive and handy at all times!

2. Refer to it often. Use the flip guide as your students guide to the universe (at least for the novel unit).

3. Use it as an assessment. Assign a due date for their completed reading guide pages and give your students a grade. Today's are not willing to any more than expected. You have to grade the flip book. At the end of the unit, maybe the day of the test or final project is due, have them turn it in for grading.

4. Don't forget to allow your students time for color design. Studies show that once your student's materials are color coded or are presented in color retention of concepts increase.  And, their organizational skills will improve. Visually, color creates fast recognition and they will remember the pages better.

American Literature, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, by Washington Irving . This flip book is a craftivity reading guide. Your students color and cut out the headless horseman, attach it to the cover using the guidelines and you'll see it come alive!
5. Create engaging activities utilizing the flip book. Example- Have your students use a character chart from the flip book to create a written character sketch body biography, character map, or Venn diagram. Another example is creating a center task where students have to cute evidence from the novel that supports a themed writing. Using the theme page from the novel flip book your students will get a jump start and good direction from the flip book.

TpT Sale Extended. Ends May 8th at Midnight

There were some technical difficulties. So TpT decided to extend the sale through May 8th. Shop another day. Visit me today for:


For Those Teachers That Rock! We Salute You!

Getting up at dawn. Lesson plans. Common core. Evaluations. Students. Parents. Essays. State standardized tests. Copies. The salary. Relentless coughs and colds. Patience. Love. Intuitiveness. Grading papers. Motivating. Fun. Understanding. 

May 5th through May 12th is Teacher Appreciation Week. To celebrate, TpT is having their annual sitewide sale on May 6th and 7th. So load up your wish list and during the sale use the promo code TPTXO to get your additional discount.

I teamed up with super secondary teachers who want all teachers out there to know, "Your lessons SHOOK us all year long...and we salute you!" (ACDC songs reference).
Here are some stores on TpT that bring you awesome secondary teaching materials for grades 7-12.


Have fun shopping! My cart is filled with classroom decor, CCSS organizers, fonts, clip art, plan book, IEP snap shot, and task cards for September. Thanks for stopping by!
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