Need a Way to Keep Track of Classroom Books?

Need a way to keep track of classroom books? Secondary teachers experience difficulty year after year cataloging their book inventory due to the amount of students who use the books and students using the books at different times.

I teach two periods of small group instruction. It is not a course expectation to read independently at home. So, why allow students to keep the book in a messy locker or overfilled book bag? Risking the great chance of them losing it? And a fine?

I got this tip from my teaching partner, Mrs. R. Use the letters of the alphabet to label the books and assign the books to each student at the beginning of the year. For every novel study the student takes the same book labeled with the same letter.
If you use a sticky note “flag” it will fit the book spine perfectly without any spill over. I used a sharpie marker and capital letters. I try to assign a book letter that matches up with a student’s first or last name. I applied a strip of packing tape over the tag to ensure minimal wear-and-tear.

How do you assign books? For example, “Ashley….book A,” “ J,” 
“Brad P,” -okay, so wishful thinking, but you understand. 

At the end of the period, the students turn the books back to the cart. I usually offer an extra credit point if someone lines them up alphabetically. Already, two weeks into reading Romeo and Juliet, book “L” is missing. Immediately, I was able to figure out who had the book. Very drama-free...The L book mysteriously reappeared today lined up exactly where it is supposed to the L spot.

I highly recommend this this system. Subject areas like drama, health, music, and art could really benefit from using this organization due to the books constantly having to be returned and re-distributed. Come September I will do this again for our first novel unit and classroom textbooks.  

Look Around Your School for Earth Day Treasure. Recycle. Reuse. Refurbish.

Around Earth Day we can't help but think about all the "stuff" we use in our lives on a daily basis that get thrown away. I especially do this at school. When it comes to teaching items, things can be expensive. A brand new teaching cart can run from $150-$400. And, if you prefer a cart with a bottom shelf, plastic, or maybe has a drawer, well then you are way out of any teacher's budget! 

One Teacher's Junk, Can be Another Teacher's Treasure!
In 2010: After several requests for a cart I was lucky to receive a dilapidated 35-ish year old full metal cart from the world languages department. I was fortunate though, there was not a cart in the building without an owner. This cart was an eye sore; it had scratches, rusted shelves and legs, lots of half-ripped stickers, questionable stains, and dented. But I didn't mind! It was all mine! I was ready to give it some TLC. So slowly, I began to use the cart for student's projects. But, then, it sat in my department office. Idle. Lonely, Cluttered. Collecting unwanted junk.

November, 2012: My co-teaching partners and I embarked on a journey, in a pilot program to teach with "secondary centers." All of a sudden we needed to be mobile with our folders, task cards, posters, index cards, markers, file crates, clip boards. Wall-ah! The cart was ready to rise to the occasion in the English department and house our centers and teaching materials.

Summer, 2013: Pinterest gave me inspiration, lots of hope, a dream. I saw lots of pins on how to refurbish old filing cabinets, old office chairs, stools, metal why not my cart?

September, 2013: With the expertise of my physical education teacher husband (who has a summer painting business) we made a list of all the things I needed from Home Depot to complete the process: spray paint, blue tape, 4 bags, steel wool, and clear contact paper (optional) 

So here are the before and after pictures of our process in turning the cart into a viable and integral teaching center! ENJOY!

Here are some Earth Day teaching ideas for your classroom this week...

Grades 1-5. Once assembled your students will love that it will actually look like Earth! Lines up perfectly with numbered pages, dashed guidelines for cutting, and engaging pages with activities. 
  • Facts, history, and background about Earth Day
  • Reuse, Recycle, and Reduce 
  • Coloring and sorting activity
  • Puzzle & Writing Prompt pages
  • Acrostic Poetry page
  • Slogan and T-Shirt design page
Great for ELA, science, social studies, or health. CCSS Reading Informational Text, Writing, and Language. Recommended for grades 1-5. You know your students best. 
  • Display in your classroom on the wall...better yet, hang them in the hall in a showcase! 
  • Have the assessment due on April 22nd… which is Earth Day!
  • Earth Day is a great school holiday because all students will enjoy the celebration (there is no religious significance).
  • Earth Day is celebrated worldwide! 

Here is an Earth Day FREEBIE in my TpT store that would be perfect for grades 7-12. 

FREE Earth Day Task Cards

From Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas, here is a great Earth Day Math activities pack for grades K-3...Earth Day Addition and Subtraction Centers, Printable Seatwork and Foldables

And...A blog post from Teach 123, "Earth Day Fun"

Tips and Flips April Linky- April 15th to April 19th

Thank you so much for stopping by. Another busy week. Many of us are on vacation. But do teachers truly get any rest?
I love seeing your interactive teaching materials and ideas.This link-up features all grades and subjects K-12.


FREE! ELA Word Wall Grades 7-12

English Language Arts Word Wall for Grades 7-12
  • Requires 8.5 by 11 paper 
  • 60 words- 3 words to a page
  • Use plain white paper or color paper. Regular weight or card stock. I would cut them out and laminate them. 
  • 2 pages for you to add your own words
  • Dashed guidelines lines for you to cut along
*The CCSS requires your instruction to incorporate academic and content vocabulary. As you teach your units of study, just add the words you will cover in your lessons*

*Your classroom environment should include a word wall. During your observations it will be noted that you have your content vocabulary displayed.*

Also nice for:
--gift for a student teacher
--first year teacher

Just print in black and white / gray scale. Enjoy!

I would love your feedback!

Storage Solutions for a Secondary Teacher on the Go

Using Baby Wipe Containers for Storage

What do you do with all the empty baby wipe containers? I have plenty of them laying around. And when I asked my colleagues to bring them in we received hordes of them.

To set up centers in a secondary classroom we decided to fill the containers with scissors, glue, sticky notes, index cards, crayons, markers, and whatever else was needed to ensure students were not walking around the room looking for what was needed to complete their tasks.

We labeled the containers. But you don't have to. This is a cheap solution instead of buying containers. In my experiences as a high school teacher, students typically will not put the care into their classroom supplies as would an elementary student.

The dollar store also has great solutions for storage. The colors that are available are really vibrant. I do like our choice of using the baby wipe containers...and the bonus is that they smell nice, too! Like baby powder.

Initials, Inc. Storage Caddy 
I love my Initials Inc. storage caddy. It is a perfect size and very lightweight and durable. I attended a party at my friend's house during on summer night. There was a nice display of an array of storage containers, available for monogram.

High school teachers typically are on the move from room-to-room.  Right now in two of my classes we are working on a poetry flip book which required cutting, gluing, stapling, and coloring. The only things I needed to bring with me to class was an assembled flip book so my students could see a final product, the copies, and the filled caddy with supplies.

Students know they are permitted to go to the caddy and take the supplies they need. What a pleasure! I don't have to pass anything out!

April is National Poetry Month. Time to Flip Over Poetry!

Have you ever read's blog? Every week it features what coming up, tips, milestones, and interviews with teacher authors.

This week's feature is titled, "National Poetry Month: Get Inspired!" There is a small collection of poetry materials for secondary and elementary. There is a direct link to the vast array of "poetry" products on the TpT website. My submission was selected, "Pocketful of Poetry Flip Book" found in my TpT store.

You'll also see products from TpT sellers Brain Waves Instruction, Secondary Sara, Tracee Orman and Presto Plans.

I am about 3 school days into working on it with my students. So far the color choices I've seen are fluorescent, pastels, to rainbow, but they all have one thing in common- their pockets are all "denim blue."
Pocketful of Poetry found in my TpT store

We just completed the cinquain poem. Topics range from, "a bed, shoes, love, basketball, school, and an actor." It's been really enjoyable to watch them admire each other's work.

Here is a glimpse of the blog post and the link. 
More pictures coming this week.


You can now find Study All Knight on Bloglovin!

I am exploring all options in utilizing my blog page. I've had my blog since 2012. The last year my teaching practice has taken a turn toward embracing technology. Currently, I facilitate a closed online group through Google. It is for the teacher cadets class I have the privilege to teach. You can set up a closed group for your students to post assignments, answer discussion questions, and respond to feedback. 

I have a teaching partner that fully utilizes her Google drive and her Google site. On the Google site she posts the syllabus and any pertinent materials that are relevant tho the unit we are on.

I hope to explore the ways I can use my teaching blog to enhance my own teaching practice. So far I use it to exchange ideas on how to use materials. I want to use it for reflections purposes. As in our daily practice we are taught to reflect. 

Today a very well respected administrator visited my teacher cadets class. He told them, "teaching is one of the only professions that you can start over every year and try again," I thought about this. It is brilliant. When is this statement true? When you reflect on your practice. Don't beat yourself up over mistakes...just make a note, talk about it with colleagues, and read online. You'll find many teachers making the same mistakes and recovering. --year after year.

I hope you enjoy my blog re-launch. My plan is to have the new design launched by 4/16. There is a celebration being planned as I type this post. A giveaway? A sale? I new freebie to go with the Study All Knight blog? Probably all 3. 

Thank you for stopping by! Be sure to follow my blog on Bloglovin to get updates on my blog re-launch. Have a great weekend!

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