How Can I Bring Google Apps and Project Based Learning Together?

If you are in education, it’s likely you encounter terms and abbreviations for just about everything possible, everyday. One of the more common ‘buzzwords’ in education today is the idea of project-based learning, or PBL. Today we're going to discuss how to bring together Google apps and project based learning.

Making Low Prep Teacher's Edition Digital Interactive Notebook

Why would you want to create your own teacher's edition digital interactive notebook? Let's find out!
As an Educator, we do not have the luxury of teaching only one class period a day. Some of us teach 5-6 classes, and they sometimes are all completely different. If you are a teacher who has implemented the concept of the ‘paperless classroom’, you may feel a little stressed out by the additional, technological prep work involved in the 4-5 minute break you get in between class periods. Maybe you thought going paperless would eliminate a lot of the work and would be a breeze teaching the same lesson from class to class, only to find out it’s actually a lot more hassle than expected. Fear not! I have a solution for you!