Classroom Access

Interactive Online Resources

You are in need of teacher- ready and student- friendly resources. Teachers do not have the time to search for activities that appear to be rigorous, have meaning, require critical thinking, provide reflection, and invoke creativity. Look no further. Here is an opportunity for your virtual classroom. My mission is to deliver highly interactive content using technology.

What's Available

What’s available? You’ll find educational digital escape rooms, collaborative coloring and writing activities, creative coloring and reading activities, and reflective coloring and writing activities. I am adding more all the time. These educational puzzle games have so many layers it will definitely eliminate the boredom of staring at the screen.

Digital Escape Rooms

“What in the world is a Digital Escape Room?” Imagine an escape room loaded with puzzles, reading, questions, adventure, but in a virtual setting. Give your students a taste of adventure! Doing distance learning? The experience can be even better. 

Online Coloring Activities

These coloring activities are highly interactive, providing students easy access to an online coloring tool, opportunities for collaboration, and to engage in a structured writing response. Study All Knight provides the online coloring pages, writing prompts, and directions. 

How do they work?

Digital Escape Rooms

Digital Escape Rooms are great for face-to-face instruction as well as in a distance learning setting. Students can complete them by collaborating or independently.

Online Coloring Activities

Each activity is well designed to be a purpose-built coloring page and assessment. There are some activities with multiple pages for student choice.

What teachers are saying