All About Me, Back To School Body Biography Project, First Day of School



All About Me, Back To School, Body Biography Project is filled with all you need to kick off the first days back and replace that boring all about me poster you give out year after year! This is truly unique, has high-quality vector graphics, and is the most inclusive independent project for an autobiography study.
  • Poster- comes with 4 pieces for your students to work independently, successfully, and harmoniously.
  • Teacher instructions for the poster, philosophy, background, and procedure.
  • Comes with GENERIC, male, female, male middle school/high school, and female middle school/high school. YOU CAN – only provide the GENERIC male – it can work for everyone (because students will add their own details to make it unique to them).
What to Expect: About the All About Me Body Biography project
Have fun with an autobiographical body biography! Usually, this project is an excellent representation of how students can conduct analysis for a notable person or biography your students are studying in class.
This task really engages your students to fill in their own traits, details, exploration, but also allows them to show their artistic work as they create an all about me body biography. Your students CAN:
  • Draw their image entirely from scratch
  • Print a photo of their face, and then draw their body image
  • Find images online to complete the body image (like a collage)
  • Print out a black and white image – attach – and color
  • Use fancy apps for photo editing (the body is approx. 24 inches) –my nine-year-old son knows a ton of apps that could be used for this. Children know more about technology than adults…you’d be surprised!
★Classroom Décor
★Bulletin Board – Meet the teacher night, classroom bulletin board, student-centered classroom decor, curriculum night, back to school night, gymnasium display
★Showcase Display
Directions are clear and explicit. Danielle Knight Copyright 2021

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