Black History Month is February! Celebrate with the first African American United States President, Barack Obama. The activity focuses on Barack Obama’s American story, biography webquest, writing textual evidence, and engaging growth mindset activity. Your students will use the mind map organizer to identify events, endeavors, accomplishments, and qualities from their reading that fit into Barack Obama’s growth mindset. Skills enforced are using textual evidence, inference, and analysis.

Directions on how to assemble the flip book are concise. The resource includes:
★Non-fiction questions
★Growth mindset activity -writing textual evidence
★answer key

This black history month activity can be used any time of the year. It can be accomplished in 1-2 class periods; follow-up activities would extend the activity.

Can be done as a class discussion or in small groups, depending on your preference.
-recognize the cross-curricular excitement of the arts with social studies and literature.

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