This Body Biography Project Mega Bundle is filled with all you need to teach and promote the civil rights leaders, Nobel Prize recipients, activists, former presidents, authors, poets, suffragists, labor leaders, world leaders, abolitionists, orators, athletes, and true heroes for all generations. This biography study bundle is a collection of collaborative research activities. These are truly unique, with high-quality vector graphics, and is the most inclusive group project bundle for bringing together a growth mindset and a biography study.
I adapted the body biography concept to align with informational texts, biography research, nonfiction, and history.
As of 10/20/2020, the mega bundle includes:
Maya Angelou
Cesar Chavez
Bessie Coleman
Frederick Douglass
Anne Frank
Mahatma Gandhi
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Ernest Hemingway
Langston Hughes
Michael Jordan
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Harper Lee
Abraham Lincoln
Nelson Mandela
Barack Obama
Michelle Obama
Rosa Parks
Edgar Allan Poe
Jackie Robinson
William Shakespeare
Harriet Tubman
George Washington
Elie Weisel
Malala Yousafzai
★ Features original realistic images all in line art for your students to add color and design.
★ The posters are 32 inches high by 10 inches wide. It requires 4 pages.
★ Rubric
★ Reflection Questions
★ All the subjects come with an answer key!
★ Student handouts and planning sheets explain each part of the body biography project
★ The teacher set up directions, background, tips, and CCSS
★Classroom Décor
★Bulletin Board
★Showcase Display
Directions are clear and explicit. Danielle Knight Copyright 2020

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