Establishing Yourself as an Expert, Your Brand, and Responding to Your Audience



Are you on the road to establishing yourself and your digital brand as an expert in our evolving Teachers Pay Teachers market? When it comes to promoting a digital brand and building your audience, do you have the right idea? Hosted by Danielle Knight (Study All Knight). I am very excited to bring you a webinar that you can watch from the comfort of your home.

Session covers:
★What is a digital brand?
★What makes your digital brand unique/different?
★Why would people want to connect with you?
★Your blog’s content and response
★How to write a branded blog post
★How to find blog content ideas to add value to your brand
★Your TPT store’s response
★Streamlining questions and answers
★Pinterest and your brand
★Branded blogging to support your products and resources
★Consistency in your branding
★How to (and why you should) write tutorials to go with your products
★Creating video to go with your tutorials

Supporting document is a great template for writing a branded blog post:
I’d love your feedback!

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