Establishing Yourself as an Expert, Your Brand, and Responding to Your Audience


Duration: 42:51


Are you on the road to establishing yourself and your digital brand as an expert in our evolving Teachers Pay Teachers market? When it comes to promoting a digital brand and building your audience, do you have the right idea? Hosted by Danielle Knight (Study All Knight). I am very excited to bring you a webinar that you can watch from the comfort of your home.

Session covers:
★What is a digital brand?
★What makes your digital brand unique/different?
★Why would people want to connect with you?
★Your blog’s content and response
★How to write a branded blog post
★How to find blog content ideas to add value to your brand
★Your TPT store’s response
★Streamlining questions and answers
★Pinterest and your brand
★Branded blogging to support your products and resources
★Consistency in your branding
★How to (and why you should) write tutorials to go with your products
★Creating video to go with your tutorials

Supporting document is a great template for writing a branded blog post:
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