Greek and Latin Roots all school year! This vocabulary resource combines hands-on student poster, Greek and Latin roots vocabulary, and easy teacher customization! Students will be able to build their personal poster as well as have creative fun. The answer key includes 100 roots to go with it. The poster is a blank template poster for teachers and students to add your own. Greek and Latin roots are the foundation of building vocabulary. Why not make it fun!

The Greek and Latin Roots student poster includes assembly instructions and helpful tips to make it even better! The personal student poster project is a perfect size to fold up and store in a folder, notebook, or display on a bulletin board.

You’ll love watching your students get creative with this easy to assemble visual. The activity is designed for students to use as a supplement to your Greek and Latin Roots unit.

★“ROOTS” poster printable
★ gray scale, space is large enough for easy writing
★ add pages as you need them throughout the Greek and Latin roots unit of study
★ teacher instructions, philosophy, background on sketchnotes
★ CCSS standards: RI.4.4, ri.5.4, ri.6.4, ri.7.4, ri.8.4, l.4.4a, L.4.4b, L.5.4b, L.6.4b, L.7.4b, L.8.4b, CCRA.R.4, ccra.L.4
★ recommended answer keys for both Greek and Latin Roots
★ Pick the roots you would like to cover.
★ Enough for an entire school year. Would look awesome across a back bulletin board or a hallway display – OR fold and secure to an interactive vocabulary notebook
★Finished personal poster looks like a giant tree with roots at the bottom

Created by Danielle Knight, 2017© Study All Knight ™, The Knight Stuff, LLC

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