How to Assemble an Interactive Layered Flip Book Strategies and Demonstration

This is a video on how to put together an interactive layered flip book, Need some help? Watch this video demonstration. Tips on how you can use the interactive layered flip book in your classroom today!

GO Video includes:
★Strategies for success to use a flip book in your classroom
★Step-by-step visual demonstration how to assemble the flip book.
★Tips on how to use a flip book in your classroom today!

What does a student centered classroom look like?
They are loaded with independent learners, differentiation, and opportunities for success.

Your students will love this easy way to organize and maintain their materials. The interactive layered flip book is easy to assemble and looks great!

Student centered secondary classrooms are a way of the 21st century, but so are distractions with tween/teen drama, lack of motivation, and technology, if not managed. The flip book keeps interest and ownership for learning.

I’d love your feedback! Thanks for watching!

Created by Danielle Knight, © Study All Knight ™, The Knight Stuff, LLC

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