Medieval Theatre Background and Everyman Creative Writing Assignment



Medieval Theatre and Everyman Writing Assignment for
Grades 7-12.

This is a great creative writing assignment that goes really well with The Canterbury Tales. I used this assignment while teaching theatre. The Everyman is timeless and universal. Make connections to our Everyman in today’s society.

This pack includes:
Medieval Drama / Theatre Terms and Notes Handouts
-morality plays
-miracle plays
-passion plays
-robin hood plays
-pageant wagons
-medieval theatre background and history
-floor plan of a cathedral for medieval drama performances
Everyman Background
Everyman Assignment Details for Writing the Script or creative short story, focuses on high school issues and the Everyman of today.
Everyman Creative Writing Assignment Rubric
Just added The Medieval Period Test and Key (on 1/15/13)

For Differentiation: The creative writing assignment can lead to a class presentation or performance. So you can grade them on both!

For using this assignment in English Language Arts, I recommend it at the college prep level and above. In a performing arts class using it in an introduction course is appropriate.

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