R.A.C.E Writing Strategy Activity: Mind Maps, Sketch Notes, and Teacher Notes



Teaching writing starts on day one in your classroom
This R.A.C.E activity will guide your student’s on how to answer the constructed writing response prompts that are found in most standardized tests. They will love using a mind map! All mind maps have one thing in common. Mind mapping is creative and brain-friendly fun! Get this activity as a PDF download for printing and GOOGLE drive version for a tech-infused lesson.

There are different versions included in this resource. The mind maps that do not have the artwork encourages your students to add their own visual notes, pictures, symbols, branches, color, and visuals.

Mind mapping is an inspiring and logical way to engage in note-taking that “maps out” your ideas in free-form. Mind maps can be used for:
★Note taking
★Brainstorming (individually or in groups)
★Problem solving
★Studying and memorization
★Researching and consolidating information from multiple sources
★Presenting information
★Gaining insight on complex subjects
★Jogging your creativity

★RACE Writing Strategy Mind Map
– in color, with lines, branches filled in
★Filled with clip art images and attractive layout
★R.A.C.E Strategy Mind Map with branches and without clip art – your students add their own creativity!
★Print PDF and Paperless GOOGLE DRIVE Digital Resource
★Teacher Instructions, Philosophy, Background on Mind Maps, and Concept Maps.
– grayscale versions for each.

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Are you using technology?
Get ready for your technology infused 21st century classroom! Your common core lessons will be alive with enthusiasm when you bring digital notebooks to your students. #tptdigital

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You don’t need to be a teacher in a 1:1 classroom to deliver digital content for your lesson plans and curriculum. Using a teaching text, or instructional web tool – like an online textbook paired with Google Drive, Google Classroom, Microsoft OneDrive, or a learning management system, is an excellent first step to try paperless classroom instructional technology methods.

Elearning promotes differentiation, collaboration, improves overall learning objectives, and student growth mindset, which are proven advantages of using classroom technology.

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