Use this Writing Activity in your classroom…
*There is really no prep work required on your part for this activity! Seriously, you can bring this to class on day that you are “stuck” for something to do.*

Activity usually takes 35 minutes.

-10 Questions
-Psychologists would view this activity as a way to “tap” your inner thoughts and feelings about relationships, your perceptions, and personal outlook on life.
-Go over each answer by referring to your answer sheet.

*I like to find out what each person wrote (of course only if they want to share their answers). This is also fun and your students get a chuckle.* – you have to hear some of the things they write!

Give classroom participation credit for doing the activity.

I’ve used this writing activity for almost 10 years. I tie it into discussions regarding id, ego, and super ego. In addition: subconscious, a character’s inner thoughts and feelings, dream interpretation, Sigmund Freud, psychology, and creative writing. We are currently using this as a part of our Lord of the Flies unit.

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