The Canterbury Tales Pack: Powerpoint, Printables, Assessments & Key, Guide



British Literature Teacher Pack for The Canterbury Tales, includes:
Zip File…
2 Power Point Presentations for 2 levels of English- 51 SLIDES!
*Reading Review/Study Guide for each tale*
Final Test (multiple choice, true/false, matching, Picture Identification)
Answer Key
Pilgrims Fill in Chart/ Organizer
Prologue activity -Writing assignment
5 Quizzes
Character Map

This unit usually takes about one month. The pack has everything you need to engage your students.

Used successfully within a regular education and inclusive special education classroom setting.

Feel Free to contact me for original files.

Geoffrey Chaucer, British Middle Ages, medieval, knights, tales, pilgrimmage, the Franklin, the Summoner, chivalry, England, frame story, Wife of Bath, the Prologue, the Pardoners Tale, Canterbury, Mediaval period, pilgrimmage, The Monks Tale, The Doctor, The Franklin, The Tabard Inn

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