Escape the Woods with Ichabod Crane! This Legend of Sleepy Hollow Digital Escape Room is an innovative breakout game that allows teachers and students to engage in escape room fun, enjoy the 360° view, and have the VR option. Your students will feel like they are actually in the woods! You should definitely watch the preview video for this cutting-edge classroom experience! Are you ready to experience why digital escape activities are great for your classroom and your students?

When my students begin, what will they experience?

By clicking on “VIEW 360°” the digital escape room opens. There is an “in the woods,” sound effect in the background as well as video clips to view, so be sure their volume is on. By hovering over each icon in the escape room, you will see messages appear. Look for the “red start button.” This is where your students will read the scenario and receive their first hint as to where to go next. From there on, the excitement begins!

Perfect for a classroom that has a few devices, BYOD, or 1:1

  • Great for review and reinforcing skills. Promote team building, cooperative learning, and deductive reasoning
  • Teacher instructions for sharing digital escape room and explanation of how to use the Virtual Reality option and 360° views.
  • There are no forced copies with this digital escape room. Just share the link.
  • Clues involved: Jigsaw puzzle, reading comprehension, Washington Irving – author’s bio, Google Earth, deciphering a code in a point-of-view video clip, a hidden message, and watch/listen film clip.
  • Designed for small groups / cooperative learning / collaborative learning.
  • Digital Escape Room reflection handout
  • Notes handout for locks
  • Complete answer key for everything.

What are your key questions for experiencing classroom digital escape rooms this school year? Are you planning on using one with your students? Do you have the technology to explore digital escape puzzle options?

Digital Escape Room Teacher Tip:

Q: My school blocks YouTube links. Do we need access to YouTube? 

A: No. All of my videos are on the ScreenCastOmatic school-friendly video server. You do not need to have access to any YouTube links. All video is delivered via ScreenCastOmatic in a window inside the escape room. **BUT, if your school blocks all external links this won’t make a difference.

Teachers: PLEASE CHECK YOUR DISTRICT’S FILTER. You will need access to Google Sites,, ScreenCastOMatic video server, Google Forms, Google Slides, and Google Earth. I cannot fix any issues for you. Before purchasing, please check to ensure you will be able to use these sites. ALL firewall issues that occur are on your end in your school/district restrictions. It is your responsibility to ensure the links will work prior to your purchase. -Feedback left for tech issues are solely on the buyer’s merit and do not reflect the function of the classroom escape room.

This breakout game was tested extensively on a PC laptop, PC desktop, Chromebook, Mac, smart phone, iPad, and LINUX.

Created by Danielle Knight, © Study All Knight 2018

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