Wonder, written by R. J. Palacio, Body Biography Project Bundle, is filled with a unique characterization activity for this meaningful, memorable, and timeless novel. Your students will find plenty of opportunities for connection, creativity, and discovery. Teachers and students will experience the unique approach of using a collaborative poster, your novel study unit, finding textual evidence, character development, research, and the body biography project!

The group project bundle includes 8 characters. Give your students a relevant and modern experience while promoting the 4 C’s and achievement. I adapted the body biography concept to align with citing textual evidence, character traits, research, and inference skills.

Includes 8 choices:
★ Each poster is a character from the novel. Featuring images- of Auggie Pullman, Olivia Pullman, Jack Will, Julian, Summer, Charlotte, Mr. Tushman, and Mr. Browne.
★ It comes in line art for your students to add color and design.
★ The poster is 32 inches high by 10 inches wide. It requires 4 pages each.
★ Grading Rubric and Reflection Questions
★ Bonus – characterization pre-planning sheets for each character! Great for students who are absent, notebook pages, or just to take notes prior to filling in the poster.
★ Student handout that explains each part of the body biography project and character analysis (there are 12 parts).
★ Teacher set up directions, learning objective / learning outcomes, background, tips, and CCSS

Here is your character study list:
Auggie Pullman (comes with completed example)
Olivia Pullman
Jack Will
Mr. Tushman
Mr. Browne

What’s the Student Objective?
•Review what is supportive evidence.
•Define the literary term “character trait” and explore how to provide details that support their inferences (apply this skill similar to exploring a fictional text).
•Use the novel, class notes, and web resources to research the character (subject), then cite textual evidence to find accurate and descriptive word choice.
•Fill out the Wonder Body Biography graphic organizer/poster

Group work should promote:
•Intellectual understanding, abilities, and skills.
•Communication, cooperative and teamwork skills such as planning. management, leadership and peer support.
•Personal growth (increased self-esteem and self-confidence).

★Classroom Décor
★Bulletin Board
★Showcase Display
★This resource works really well with the original text and or the Wonder movie. You can see one completed example for Auggie Pullman by opening the preview. Answers will vary in your classroom.

Directions are clear and explicit.
Danielle Knight Copyright 2019

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