All About Me First Week of School Back to School Display



All About Me All About Me First Week of School Back to School Display

All About Me Printable. It is unique because it is round. This is original.
7.5×7.5 Requires 8.5 by 11 paper. It fits perfectly centered on a standard 9 inch paper plate.

Use any color paper plate
Attach the round cut out to the paper plate.
Punch two holes. One on each side.
Thread the string for hanging. You can hang your own triangle bunting
in between the plates. OR you can hang your own lettering that says,
“welcome back,” “our class,” “meet our students.”
Hang it in time for back to school / meet the teacher night
Does not have to go against a wall. Easily can be stapled or taped directly to a wall without being hung up with string.
Great for a classroom without a lot of space.

For Differentiated Instruction: Give students alternative ways of exploring and expressing key ideas.
–Gives credit for artistic/creative expression, written responses, and effort.

Display in your classroom on the wall…better yet, hang them in the hall in a showcase! Please don’t forget to leave me feedback! ENJOY!

Created by Danielle Knight, © Study All Knight ™, The Knight Stuff, LLC

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