Guide for commercial use to create and sell digital resources compatible with Google Drive™ -Digital resources and paperless classrooms. Get ready for your technology infused 21st century classroom digital resources! Lessons will be alive with enthusiasm when you bring digital notebooks to your audience of buyers on Teachers Pay Teachers.

*This purchase does not include the templates, backgrounds, or closed Facebook support group. The download includes a commercial use guide only.

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You don’t need to be a teacher in a 1:1 classroom to deliver digital content for your lesson plans and curriculum. Using a teaching text, or instructional web tool – like an online textbook paired with Google Drive™, Google Classroom™, Microsoft OneDrive™, or a learning management system, is an excellent first step to try paperless classroom instructional technology methods.

E-learning promotes differentiation, collaboration, improves overall learning objectives, and student growth mindset, which are proven advantages of using classroom technology.


• Introduction to digital resources
• Step-by-Step visual tutorial
• Introduction to Google Slides™
• Creating the digital resource
• How to create and upload moveable pieces
• How to include math notations and graphing in digital notebooks
• Pictures of before and after (pencil and paper interactive activities configured to interactive digital notebooks)
• Posting your digital resources for GOOGLE DRIVE™ for sale
•Microsoft OneDrive users can seamlessly use the digital interactive notebooks by following the Microsoft OneDrive step-by-step visual tutorial. This will only take minutes!
• Buyer directions all written out and ready for you!
• Recommended terms of use for you to use

What are Digital Notebooks?
★Original educational teaching and learning materials delivered by web based file sharing services, operates in the internet ‘cloud’ and allows you and your students to access, edit and print files from any computer or device.

Why use a digital resource?
★Paperless. No printing. No cutting. No glue.
★Students work directly in the file
★Can be used on the GOOGLE Drive™ or Microsoft OneDrive™
★Create for syncing with such as like Schoology, Notability, Nearpod, Padlet, Evernote, SeeSaw, Canvas, Blackboard, Edmodo…and more!
★Preserve ideas and references
★Improve students writing
★Infuse technology
★High engagement
★College readiness
★Access anywhere
★For use on Chromebooks™, Androids™, iPads™, and other devices!
★Looks like a traditional paper and pencil notebook
★Happy students

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