Wonderful for the beginning of the year and the back to school season. I’m Gonna Make a Change “Man in the Mirror,” Song Lyrics Analysis, Lesson Plan, Video, Poetry, and Analysis Activities. If you wanted to use this spring activity in your poetry unit you can focus on the lyrics and the acrostic poem activity. As your students look ahead to their own futures, our planet, they can also look at the world and how they can be a part of the future and making a positive change.

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❤Absolutely love this activity! All your products are well throughout and ready to use. Thank you!

❤This really worked well with my kids, and it helped them to really connect and use their art skills at the same time. Great product!

❤Great song and resource. Love the quality of your work and now I have a legitimate reason to include one of my favorite songs in class. Such an important message to convey to students. Thank you.

Classroom tested. Loaded with valuable teachable moments! Using a song that sends an amazing message of “making a difference, stand up, to be global citizens, and to make a change,” is an easy strategy to build classroom community.

This activity is also a really engaging exercise for back to school, beginning of the year, Thanksgiving, Earth Day, civil rights, Black History Month, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday in January, American Literature, Social Studies, Anti-Bullying, health, Earth Day, social awareness, sociology, leadership, civics, service, sociology, positive behavior, character education, and philanthropy.

Teacher Notes…for you
Common Core Standards and Lesson Plan
Video and Background
(for projector or smart board, can also be a handout)
What is a Motif? 2 handouts (2)
How to Analyze a Song Handout
Song Analysis Questions Worksheet
Audience Questions Worksheet
Acrostic Poem handout, “CHANGE”
Design a T-Shirt
Design a T-Shirt Writing Prompt
3 Writing Prompts

This back to school activity can be accomplished in 2-3 class periods; follow-up activities would extend the activity.

Suggested for secondary students grades 7-12.

Easy! Can be done as a class discussion or in small groups, depending on your preference. The materials can also look great as a bulletin board.


-respond (orally or in writing) to the lyrics, music and video imagery of “Man in the Mirror”
-appreciate the way in which words, music and images interact to create meaning.
-understand that music and videos can be significant forms of historical and cultural expression.
-recognize the cross-curricular excitement of the arts with social studies and literature.
-comprehend that there may be multiple interpretations of a work of art (including the artist’s).

The music video combined with the lyrics are very powerful. I had many emotions creating these activities. If you are looking for a deep and meaningful experience, this is it.

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