This teacher pack will provide you with great interactive, differentiated, and practical materials for your middle school or high school English Language Arts – British Literature classroom. You will find enough materials to cover most of your most common units of study. This resource only includes the British Literature activities.

Anglo Saxon Poetry: Background, Terms, Handouts, Activities, and Video Clip
Start your school year with this unit and do it right! You will not see a video/ song comparison to The Seafarer anywhere else!

Class Notes
Literary Terms Fill in and Teacher Copy
Heroes vs. Monsters Fill in Chart
The Seafarer (text)
The Wife’s Lament (text)
The Wanderer (text)
Triple Venn Diagram Fill in
Your Turn to be the Scop (co-op bell ringer)
The Seafarer Worksheet Fill in
The Seafarer Today
Billy Joel’s The Downeaster “Alexa” lyrics and video clip
(smart board or projector and handout)
Characterization Chart fill in
Venn Diagram fill in
With 20 Beowulf Task Cards and the answer key for all cards
Frayer Model lesson plan
Frayer Model Graphic Organizer
poster rubric
7 quizzes and answer keys
Final test and answer key
character map and description
Beowulf Interactive Layered Flip Book (with answer keys)
Arthurian Legends Webquest
The Canterbury Tales:
2 Power Point Presentations for 2 levels of English- 51 SLIDES!
Reading Review/Study Guide for each tale*
Final Test (multiple choice, true/false, matching, Picture Identification)
Answer Key
Pilgrims Fill in Chart/ Organizer
Prologue activity -Writing assignment
5 Quizzes
Character Map
Full set of Task Cards and student assignment
The Canterbury Tales 23 Posters for your classroom
The Canterbury Tales Interactive Layered Flip Book (with answer keys)
Interactive Flip Book
Full set of Task Cards
Teacher Notes for the Smart board or whiteboard
Character Map
9 Quizzes
Final Test and Answer Key (for test only)
(Matching, Multiple Choice, True / false) 70 questions
4 Essay Prompts (on famous scenes/ quotes)
33 slide Shakespeare PowerPoint
10 Journal Prompts handout and assignment
25 Different themes for 25 days of teaching Macbeth!
Macbeth Interactive Layered Flip Book (with answer keys)
Othello Interactive Layered Flip Book (with answer keys)
Romeo and Juliet Interactive Layered Flip Book (with answer keys)
The Globe Theatre Flip Flap Book (with answer key)
The Globe Notes
Shakespeare Notes
Final Test
A Bouquet for Remembrance
Written Activity, Collage, Ophelia’s Flowers, and Questions
Handouts (great for college prep or honors)
-Act IV questions
-Ophelia’s mad scene
-flower meanings and flowers/symbols (great for discussion!)
-assignment sheet
-Writing Activity and Bouquet (print 2 sided)
Teacher Notes
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark Interactive Layered Flip Book (with answer keys)
Background Notes handouts
Mary Shelley
Opening Letters
Gothic Novels and Gothic Hero
Novel Timeline Printable / Visual for Smart Board. Projector, or overhead
Final Test and Complete Answer Key
3 Quizzes and Complete Answer Keys
Create A Mate Essay Assignment Handout and Rubric
T-Chart for pre-writing essay
Peer Edit Checklist
Soundtrack Project Assignment Handout and Rubric
Frankenstein in Hollywood
Read aloud script
Study Guide (no key)
Vocabulary Guide
Frankenstein Interactive Layered Flip Book (with answer keys)
Jane Eyre:
Charlotte Brontè and Jane Eyre Powerpoint
Novel Study Guide and Answer Key
Background Handout on Charlotte Bronte and the novel
Characters Handout
Bulleted Points Teacher Notes
Elements of a Gothic Novel – includes “doom and gloom” and romance
Pre-Reading “Setting the Scene”
Novel Key Facts / Characters/ Themes Fill in and Answer Key
Cause and Effect Worksheet
Choice Center Tasks/ Activities
4 Quizzes and Answer Keys
Test Review and Answer Key
Final Test and Answer key – multiple choice, short answer, and essay choices
“Postcards from Jane” Writing Activity with Postcard Template and Prompts
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
There are 42 Famous Illustrations that you can print as a poster, or as a student handout…my students have used them as coloring pages or bulletin board/classroom art. They are High Resolution so perfect for poster printing.
5 Multiple Choice and short answer quizzes
Final test includes multiple choice, matching, open ended.
Task Card Set – 50 cards
Fun Word Search
Novel study questions for each chapter
Full text of the novel as a PDF file.
Heart of Darkness:
Research Paper Tasks, Topics, and Rubric
Women rooted in domesticity.
Imperialism and Colonization
Societal expectations versus Individualism and Interiority.
Pre-Reading WebQuest 6 Group Tasks / Topics
–images of posters from my English classes, 2013 *skills level classes are now reading this novel!*
Guided Reading Questions Bookmark
3 bookmarks to a sheet
The bookmark has 10 guided reading questions along with sub-points.
Final Test and Answer Key
Lord of the Flies:
Interactive Flip Book
Pre-reading Survival Test and Answer Key
Mask Project (rubric for mask and written assessment, mask template, handout, and brief teacher notes)
Homework Questions for Each Chapter and Answer Key
Student Notes Handout
Fill in Character Chart for Traits, Symbols and Meanings, Quotes (and a Teacher’s Copy already filled in)
Chapters 1-4 Quiz and Answer Key
Final Test 45 Questions Multiple Choice, True/False, and Open Ended with a complete Answer Key
Crossword Puzzle and Answer Key
Lord of the Flies Interactive Layered Flip Book (with answer keys)
Task Card Set includes-
Character Cards- picture and details (7)
Every Chapter Summarized with important key facts (12)
Background on William Golding and Novel (1)
Island Map, labeled and helpful Information, and Task (3)
Symbolism chart and Symbolism Task (2)
Vocabulary cards for each chapter (12)
Blank vocabulary cards for your students to fill in (12)
Post-Reading Questions for each chapter (12)
Multiple Intelligence Tasks (8) (cooperative or independent)
Review Tasks (10)
–multiple choice
A Christmas Carol: Reading, Writing, Craftivity, and Pop Up Flip Book Flip Book

Story written by, Charles Dickens. Pop up and flip book combined.

The target audience for A Christmas Carol are children to young adults or students who are in 4th to 12th grade. There are several versions of the tale.

I provide you with links for the play version, the full text, a free audio book, and a YouTube search link with several video versions for free.

3 Pop Up cutout printables
15 Comprehension Questions
Symbolism Chart Fill in with Quotes
2 pages-Plot Diagram Elements
1 page Charles Dickens, background, and setting
2 page- Characters Fill In (Scrooge and the Three Ghosts)
Teacher Notes and the answer key for everything!
Flip Book Directions


Great story for the winter holidays. And a nice way to read a Christmas tale that doesn’t stress religion. The story focuses on the dynamic character, greed, charity, and goodwill.

Appropriate for several grades, due to the appeal, range of vocabulary, and versions available. Pop Up Flipbook can be modified by guided practice, abbreviated assignment, read aloud, pair work, and mini lessons.

Medieval Theatre and Everyman Writing Assignment

This is a great creative writing assignment that goes really well with The Canterbury Tales. I used this assignment while teaching theatre. The Everyman is timeless and universal. Make connections to our Everyman in today’s society.

This pack includes:
Medieval Drama / Theatre Terms and Notes Handouts
-morality plays
-miracle plays
-passion plays
-robin hood plays
-pageant wagons
-medieval theatre background and history
-floor plan of a cathedral for medieval drama performances
Everyman Background
Everyman Assignment Details for Writing the Script or creative short story, focuses on high school issues and the Everyman of today.
Everyman Creative Writing Assignment Rubric
Medieval Period Test and Key

For Differentiation: The creative writing assignment can lead to a class presentation or performance. So you can grade them on both!

For using this assignment in English Language Arts, I recommend it at the college prep level and above. In a performing arts class using it in an introduction course is appropriate.


The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Interactive Layered Flip Book

Each “flap” is ¾ inch and is ready for you to easily line up by using the directions on how to assemble the organizer. Includes:

Plot Diagram(with answer key)
Vocabulary by chapter (with answer key)
Guided Reading Questions (with answer key)
Characters fill in (with answer key)
Novel background and Robert Louis Stevenson
Gothic Literature and Background
Victorian era, theories, and themes (with answer key and teacher notes

Aligned and Outlined ELA Common Core State Standards, 9-12 Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

Print in color or grayscale. White paper or color paper.

Great alternative to the run-of-the-mill study guide. Students will practice reading/summarization skills, recalling details, writing, and inference skills…and everything will be in this one pack! Great for Center Task / Differentiation -Class Discussion -Fast Finishers and Review.

**Check out the Preview**

Created by Danielle Knight, 2015

All materials have been used in a small group setting as well as in a mainstream classroom. This pack can easily be implemented in an accelerated class by moving up due dates and independent readings.

I valued this product as an “extremely great deal” to ensure that a TpT buyer saves money by purchasing this product rather than buying each pack separately.

Created by Danielle Knight, © Study All Knight

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