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3 Products in one bundle! YAY!

Is That Sarcasm? Enhanced Lesson Plan for Irony, Satire, and Parody, Printables/ Handouts, Students’ Notes

Students like to laugh while they learn!

Introduce students to the concepts of sarcasm, irony, parody, and satire. This lesson can be used prior to teaching longer, more complex short stories, poems, viewing films, creative writing, novel studies.

**ZIP FILE** Is That Sarcasm? Everything is saved as both PDF files and Smart Notebook files.

Use on the Projector/Smart board (internet required)

Files have clickable images with embedded links for 6 YouTube short video clips to watch with your students (ALL video clips are highly appropriate and fun for 9-12 grade).

SARCASM sign printable (cut in half…2 to a sheet)
Venn diagram printable for Parody
irony chart Printable
Satire Chart Printable
Lesson Plan (3 pages)
Students Notes/Handouts (2 pages)

The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, and music videos are used to hook your students. A little humor goes a long way!

Reading: Literature 1, 6
Reading: Informational Text 7
Writing 1a-e, 6
Speaking & Listening 1a-d, 5
Language 1-3, 5-5b

Poetry Postcards: Enhanced Lesson, Video, Handouts, Template, Rubric, and Plan

Great for a teacher who just doesn’t have the time to cover a large poetry unit. Especially in an English Language Arts classroom with struggling students who seem uninterested. This might work!

-Youtube Video Clip from the film, 10 Things I Hate About You (student handouts to go with it) film is actually based on Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew!
-group work
-Student handouts on poetic devices /literary terms and fill in chart, Shakespearean sonnets, Sonnet 141, Kat’s Poem (from the film clip), rhyme patterns, iambic pentameter
-Poetry Postcards template, rubric, and example
-Lesson plan includes pre-activity, instructions, and ideas on more video clips to hook your students
-Presentation of the postcard is memorable and easy! Because it is a project that is a personal short poem and a graphic!

Aligned Common Core Standards Grades 7-8, 9-10, 11-12
Reading, Key Ideas, and Details: CCSS.ELA-Literacy. RL. 1
Writing, Text Types and Purposes: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W. 3
Speaking and Listening, Comprehension and Collaboration: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL.1

Idioms Teacher Pack is a “piece of cake,” for you and your students!
-Lesson Plan
-extended activities
-Common Core Standards
-Poster assignment handout
-English Language Common Idioms Cards (16 cards with 3 idioms on each)
-Shakespeare’s Idioms Cards (8 cards)
-“Teaching Gloria,” student fill in worksheet
-Use your Smart Board or Projector to present this lesson to your students… includes a compilation video clip of Gloria’s idioms mishaps! (your students will ask you to watch it again and again)
-Teacher Notes on idioms and their meanings

The idioms presentation includes Modern Family’s, Gloria Pritchett. She is feisty and fun-loving! She was born and raised in a Colombian small city. Portrayed by actress, Sofia Vergara. She is known to say whatever is on her mind.

One of her most distinctive traits is her very thick Colombian accent. **Well known for her many mispronunciations, using idioms, and common English language phrases incorrectly.**

Have fun with this lesson.

Final product is a group (or individual) poster, the use of task cards, a fill in worksheet, and a fun class memory!

Created by Danielle Knight, © Study All Knight ™, The Knight Stuff, LLC

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