Frankenstein Bingo: Instructions, Game Boards, and Call Sheet



Frankenstein Bingo: Instructions, Game Boards, and Call Sheet
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This differentiated activity is intended to get students excited about literature in a creative way.
PREPARE: Print out the BINGO cards sheets enough for each child plus one call sheet for the teacher.
Cut out the bingo cards (8).
You have a blank card to make your own.

–the purpose of playing is to review. The students will find the answer on their bingo board. This will create competition, ensure that they are focusing, and provide an educational review.

The students will then place a written “X” on the corresponding answers after each clue is given by the caller.
I’ve seen teachers laminate cards and students use dry erase markers. This will allow you to re-use the cards (You can also make your own markers with pennies, cutout squares, etc.)

Award extra credit points on an impending test (this is what I would do). Award a homework pass…or just for fun!

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