Frankenstein Soundtrack Project and Create a Mate Essay



Frankenstein, Soundtrack Project and Create A’ Mate Essay

Great way to end your Frankenstein unit! In this pack you will find two very easy assessments that will allow your students to work independently, give a class presentation, and peer edit.

Soundtrack Project:
Your students will put together a playlist to be used as the soundtrack for the book. The songs they pick will relate to the various themes presented in the novel and for each scene.
–Assignment Handout (directions, background, grading)
–Rubric (2 to a sheet, just cut!)

Create A’ Mate Essay
Your students will write a 5 paragraph persuasive essay, “If you were Victor, would you create a mate for the creature?”
–Assignment Handout (directions, background, outline, grading)
–Essay Rubric
–T-Chart Essay Organizer
–Peer Edit Worksheet

Assign one, assign both…or let them choose! used year after year in college prep as well as a skills level ELA classes.

**This product is included in my Frankenstein Bundled Teacher Pack found here

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