Language Arts Task Cards: Differentiation 3 Levels, Grades 4-8



Language Arts Task Cards: Differentiation 3 Levels, Grades 4-8

Task cards are a great way to level questioning and differentiate the content, process and product of a lesson.

How to Use This Set…
1. These activities are for all students and are designed to target readiness and ability.
2. Think about your content area and the formulated questions that you would like all students to be able to answer. Those questions are the GREEN cards.
3. YELLOW question cards prompts more of a response.
4. The BLUE question cards are higher-order and push students to build connections.

I all ready created them for you!
green (level 1) cards, yellow (level 2) cards, and blue (level 3) cards

You determine the student’s levels with your own pre-assessment tool (quizzes, inventory) or a quick check-in.

Print the Assignment Card for each student indicating which level of questions they are assigned, the number of cards and the due date for each assignment.
Your students can work at their own pace once they have their cards.

This pack includes:
3 levels of cards (6 cards each…total of 18 cards)
1 assignment card (you fill it in with the student)
Teacher instructions on how to use this set
Teacher ideas sheet

Questions are general enough you can apply them to any text in language arts.

I would love your feedback!

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