Lord of the Flies: Test, Quiz, Guides, Task Cards, Mask Project, Puzzle, & Keys



One of British Literature’s most famous novels by William Golding

Lord of the Flies Teacher Pack Includes:
Pre-reading Survival Test and Answer Key -perfect for bell ringer or do now and classwide discussion. Students’ reactions are priceless!
Mask Project (rubric for mask and written assessment, mask template, handout, and brief teacher notes)
Homework Questions for Each Chapter and Answer Key
Student Notes Handout
Fill in Character Chart for Traits, Symbols & Meanings, Quotes (and a Teacher’s Copy filled in)
Chapters 1-4 Quiz and Answer Key
Final Test 45 Questions Multiple Choice, True/False, and Open Ended
Test Answer Key
Crossword Puzzle and Answer Key

Full Task Card set is perfect for a teacher or a student. There are endless possibilities!
Differentiation – literary centers, early finisher, struggling reader, review, stations, 10 point assessment, choice.

For a teacher- use as a quick reference. Use them for mini lessons. Keep them on a key ring in your bag. And, if it is your first time teaching Lord of the Flies, then this is essential.

Reinforcement- resource room, absent students, test review, assessment, group work, think-pair-share, cooperative learning

Set includes-
Character Cards- picture and details (7)
Every Chapter Summarized with important key facts (12)
Background on William Golding and Novel (1)
Island Map, labeled and helpful Information, and Task (3)
Symbolism chart and Symbolism Task (2)
Vocabulary cards for each chapter (12)
Blank vocabulary cards for your students to fill in (12)
Post-Reading Questions for each chapter (12)
Multi Intelligence Tasks (8) (cooperative or independent)
Review Tasks (10)
–multiple choice

Printable (in color or B/W), cut (4 to a sheet) laminate, hole punch…plus a key ring equals a handy, useful, and enjoyable approach to this novel study.

Saved as PDFs in a convenient ZIP FILE FOLDER.

Allegory, symbols, Lord of the Flies, 1954. Piggy, Ralph, Simon, Samneric, littlums, masks, savagery, island, British Literature, survival

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