Relieve Some of the Stress of Parent Communication: Reasons Why High School Teachers Need Twitter


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Two years ago it was suggested. I’ve been fighting it ever since. Then I went to a professional workshop at Rider University where the focus was on technology for teachers. But this was different. The technology presented was to make our lives as teachers easier, better, and more efficient – rather than technology for our students to use.

In one hour, the presenter had me convinced, “I need Twitter. And I need it NOW!” Why you ask…? Here are my reasons why a high school teacher really should utilize this amazing tech tool. I believe Twitter will eliminate some of the chaos and stress of reminding and posting information for parents and students.

1. Your students and parents are already on Twitter. So, there’s no additional class time to have anyone go through the sign up process. If there is someone who does not have it, a student peer expert can assist others in the sign up process. You can email your students’ parents the Twitter handle. Ask your students to help their parents to sign up. Offer extra credit for doing so!

(Most likely your school district already has a twitter handle. So be sure to get their Twitter and technology policy.)

2. Students and parents can follow you on Twitter and you do not need to follow them back. EVER. Students will never have to be followed back in order to get your tweets. Other platforms such as Remind 101 require you to collect phone numbers that you enter into the app. With Twitter you eliminate that step. This is  very important to me. 

3. Allow your students one more way to access information. This can actually be tied in with the CCSS and the standards for College and Career Readiness. From my research and higher education professors and their assistants use Twitter. My previous thoughts on this was, “I am enabling my students by using Twitter. Why am I reminding them and providing them with another opportunity when they should be accountable in school?” -My new thoughts, “Twitter will create more accountability and give me peace of mind that my students and parents are given another way to access our class’ information.”

4. Students and parents love to be connected. You’re not requesting students and parents to collaborate. You are requesting them to connect. 

5. How many connections should you make? I would say with every homework assignment and upcoming graded assessment a Tweeted message is necessary. Consistency is key. So if you are going to commit to using Twitter don’t start and then stop. It will “bite” you. Your audience will look for your Tweets.

My Twitter handle is Study All Knight. Come September, follow me for my classroom updates. Tweet Tweet:)

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