Storage Solutions for a Secondary Teacher on the Go


Using Baby Wipe Containers for Storage

What do you do with all the empty baby wipe containers? I have plenty of them laying around. And when I asked my colleagues to bring them in we received hordes of them.

To set up centers in a secondary classroom we decided to fill the containers with scissors, glue, sticky notes, index cards, crayons, markers, and whatever else was needed to ensure students were not walking around the room looking for what was needed to complete their tasks.

We labeled the containers. But you don’t have to. This is a cheap solution instead of buying containers. In my experiences as a high school teacher, students typically will not put the care into their classroom supplies as would an elementary student.

The dollar store also has great solutions for storage. The colors that are available are really vibrant. I do like our choice of using the baby wipe containers…and the bonus is that they smell nice, too! Like baby powder.

Initials, Inc. Storage Caddy 

I love my Initials Inc. storage caddy. It is a perfect size and very lightweight and durable. I attended a party at my friend’s house during on summer night. There was a nice display of an array of storage containers, available for monogram.

High school teachers typically are on the move from room-to-room.  Right now in two of my classes we are working on a poetry flip book which required cutting, gluing, stapling, and coloring. The only things I needed to bring with me to class was an assembled flip book so my students could see a final product, the copies, and the filled caddy with supplies.

Students know they are permitted to go to the caddy and take the supplies they need. What a pleasure! I don’t have to pass anything out!

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